2014 quest for “Excellence” officially begins….

“Excellence is doing the very best you can, with the gifts God gave you”

Our hope was everyone was able to “escape” over the past week or so….Get away from school. Get away from structure and Stress. Get away from it all and just relax! When we reconnect on Monday, our season officially gets underway! Your potential as a student-athlete within our program has no limits and we are excited to watch each of you compete of the best of your abilities, learn a lot about your resolve and grow as young women. Have fun and represent our program to the best of your abilities~ each day, in all that you do!

* There is a tremendous amount that we need to accomplish today. Veterans, we need you to lead by example and teach what you have been taught throughout the years. You are aware of the chaos and confusion of first meets, please assist in minimizing these issues.
~ Dress warm and in layers
~ Bring spikes if you wear them
~ We need to work on relay exchanges, securing our approaches/steps for field events, hurdler’s need some quality time with their specialty~ There are no shortcuts for this….be diligent, stay focused on the little things, remain patient and be a great teammate.

* Be dressed in your uniform and have sweats on by 3:15. As always, we will meet in our locker room inside the high school
* If you do not yet have a uniform, please grab one on Monday at practice.
* We will head down to the track as one, at approximately 3:30 (depends on weather). We will warm up together and proceed to specialties for further meet prep.
* Here are our team race day expectations~ RACE DAY EXPECTATIONS Please read and show your parents as well. Please be aware of all but pay special attention to what unfolds at the completion of the meet and what your expectations are for both home and away competitions. THIS MAY BE DIFFERENT THAN THE BOYS TEAM!!!

~ After our short workout is completed, the entire program will head over the throws area to support our throwing sisters as they compete against GR. Christian (they do not have a throwing area) so our dual will begin on our turf! This is MANDATORY for all Jenison Women Track and Field members.
~Immediately following the competition, we will have a brief team dinner to celebrate our throwers and fuel up for the big meet the next day. We are requesting the following:
1. Each athlete, please bring $5.00 to help offset the cost of dinner. We are having Subway party subs (3), chocolate milk and whatever else you and your families would be willing to provide. We will take care of plates, Gatorade & water as well.
2. We are taking offers for desserts, easy edibles and whatever else our teen athletes would like to eat. Our roster is close to 60, although you do not have to provide for 60. Thank you in advance for your assistance!
3. Any $$$ that remains from our collection will be put towards healthy snacks for away meets. It’s no secret that proper nutrition plays a huge part of our potential success, especially when some athletes are still working hard at 6:00 and later. If anyone would like to help coordinate “snacks” for meet days, it would be greatly appreciated by our girls (hint, hint)

Grand Rapids Christian’s Girls program is traditionally very strong and this season will be no exception. Knowing Coach Jager, he will remind his program of what transpired last spring at our home- a convincing Wildcat victory. That day was a turning point for our program last year because our focus and effort went to a higher level. It was this day when I realized that we could accomplish some pretty special things as a program if we continued to work hard. We have, indeed, continued to grow as a program and your coaches fully anticipate another strong effort against a great opponent.
~Athletes will have early dismissal (2:40)
~A line-up may be available Wednesday, so athletes and families can plan ahead

~ We will acknowledge PR’s (personal records) and special efforts!
~ We will have our first “Competitor of the Week” ceremony and yes, we will acknowledge a few athletes from the first 3 weeks too!
~ Warm-up….lots of stretching…..hips…core…and more

Families, there are numerous ways that you can assist in making your daughter’s experience a positive and rewarding one. Most importantly, none of it takes much time, $$$ or skill. We are in need of:
1. Volunteers to work concessions during our meets. Yes, I know….stupid set up of working while your child is competing but you can step out and watch your daughter compete. Just come back when they’re done!!!!!
2. Pictures and videos~ Not only for our team video at our banquet or for our Facebook viewing pleasure, great video can be an amazing learning tool for our athletes. If this is “your thing” we can use you!
3. Coordinating future team dinners, snacks for meets, our banquet, etc….”Many hands make light work”

Thank you in advance for your help and for your support as we embark on our competitive season. We are looking forward to a tremendously positive experience for all. Blessings- Coach Schalk

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Charger Invite Recap

Our track may have been snow covered….The temperatures may have been low and wind wind brisk but it did not detour our athletes on March 27, as we traveled 2.5 hours southeast to become stronger as a program.  The destination was Hillsdale College.  The goals were multiple: Compete~Find out where we are as a program~Grow as one unit: Mission Accomplished!!!!

We had numerous outstanding performances from both our experienced veterans and plenty of new performers!  Here is the list of our medalist earners:
Breanna DiSappio- 3rd place in Shot put
Christa Hansma- 7th place in Pole Vault
Rose Russo- 4th place in Long Jump
McKenna Mattson- 6th place in High Jump

Sprint Medley Relay- 8th place
*Kelsey Vanderhoef, Lydia Keener, Stormi Samuels & Christa Hansma
4×400 Meter Relay- 3rd place
*Rose Russo, McKenna Mattson, Hannah Huizen & Taylor Hopp
60 Meter Dash- Taylor Hopp was Meet Champion!
60 Meter Hurdles- McKenna Mattson was Meet Champion!
200 Meter-
*Rose Russo in 2nd place
*Taylor Hopp in 7th place
400 Meter-
*Sally Hansma in 4th place
*Kelsey Vanderhoef in 8th place

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“Talent is God given, be humble.  Fame is man given, be grateful.  Conceit is self given, be careful” – John Wooden

The 2014 Track & Field season has begun and we are off on running- even if it’s in the halls, on the parking lot or hurdling snowbanks.  Our athletes have been fantastic thus far, in attitude and work ethic, within “less than ideal” circumstances.

As we come out of hibernation, this blog and website will become our main source of communicating to the masses.  We will post a weekly practice schedule with pertinent race information, results, photos, FYI’s, etc….Please be patient as we update pages and feel free to look around!  This website is a great example of how we approach our program (philosophies, expectations). I also encourage you to join our Facebook page: Jenison Women’s Track and Field if you haven’t already.

We took advantage of GVSU’s beautiful indoor track facility last Thursday by bringing a small group of athletes to their Laker Challenge.  It gave some of our veterans an opportunity to get back into the swing of things and see where we are in our fitness.  The invite also allowed us to bring a handful of new athletes, so they could attain some much valued meet experience.

As we left Allendale on Thursday, our coaches could not be more pleased with the efforts and performances our Lady Wildcats displayed.  Although we have a ton of potential as a program, it is critical that we stay humble…we stay hungry…we stay healthy…and we stay focused on the prize by becoming a little better each day.

Highlights from the day:
*All of our first time athletes- Makayla Connolly, Sara Overbeek, Katherine Fleesner and Anna Kelley. We threw you in head first, with no direction, and each of you flourished- AWESOME work.
*First time thrower Brianna DiSappio passing the 34 foot mark in shot….in her first high school meet and the closest someone has been to our school record in several years (Our throwers are putting together something special).
*Senior Mckenna Mattson winning in 60M Hurdles in a convincing manner
*Junior Taylor Hopp and Freshman Rose Russo finishing 1st & 2nd in the 60M Dash. it is so incredible watching you two together.
*4×300 relay of Hannah Huizen, McKenna Mattson, Rose Russo and Taylor Hopp running strong while not being challenged, winning their heat and finishing in 2nd overall.
*All of our distance girls who rose to the challenge laid before them- Shaylin Hollis, Inez Samuels, Stormi Samuels, Rebecca Ringquist, Bailey Johnson, Chelse vanSpronsen and Olivia Thatcher.

M- 3:15 to 5:15
T- 3:15 to 5:15
W- 3:15 to 5:00
TH- 3:15 to 4:45 (for those NOT racing)
***Those competing @ Hillsdale, you will be dismissed from school at 11:10am…Our bus will depart ASAP…you will eat lunch on the bus…***
***All specific information pertaining to the meet at Hillsdale will be provided Tuesday, including line up***
F- 3:15 to 5:15


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with our student-athlete! Blessings- coach schalk

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Closure on a season to remember….

For the first time since 1995, the Wildcat Cross Country program competed in the state finals at MIS or anywhere else.  Our team has been blessed with numerous, outstanding individuals at the highest level but in a season where our ladies came together beautifully, we went to ” the mountaintop” as one.

Going into the meet, we were pre seeded at 14th place out of 28 schools and when it was all said and done, we finished in 11th place overall, a mere two points out of 10th.  We also responded to the Regional Championship outcome by defeating our friends, and greatest competition, in Grandville and Grand Haven.

On a day that was definitely NOT conducive to fast times, our ladies ran amazingly well- strong, controlled and confident.  Many coaches pondered how “slow” the course was because of the week-long rain areas unavoidable mud path areas throughout the course. The general thought was that it was anywhere from 25-35 seconds off, which is incredible based off of how close nearly all of our runners were to their PR’s.

Senior Ellie Leonard concluded her decorated MHSAA high school cross country career with a 6th place finish overall, in what looked like a prelude to the track state finals this upcoming spring….same faces with a different outcome looming.  Miss Leonard earned All-State honors for her effort on the day!

*** On Monday, November 11, we will be collecting all xc gear throughout the school day!  There will be a blue plastic tub placed in our ATHLETIC office, so you can drop in either before school, after school, during lunch or between classes.  In a bag with your name clearly written on it, the following needs to be returned:

1. Your uniform- top and shorts
2. Your team warmup- top and pants
3. State finalists- your Nike top and shorts

Your family will be billed to replace any items that are lost or damaged beyond normal wear- holes, tears, stains, etc…

Tuesday, November 12 is our team banquet! It begins at 7:00pm in our cafeteria. Following dinner, we will proceed to the auditorium for reflection and awards. We will recognize each athlete in attendance and look forward to seeing everyone there. This is what families are designated to provide:

A-H…a hot dish and beverage to pass
J-R…a cold dish and dessert to pass
S-W…a dessert and beverage to pass
*we have 34 ladies + potential family members….
***each family will need to bring your own- plate ware, utensils, cups, etc…

Lastly, after a couple weeks off to recharge the batteries, we will reconnect to being winter training for the spring, whether an athlete is running track, playing soccer or something else. It is nothing more than a semi-structured opportunity to exercise with your teammates….you are MUCH more likely to do it surrounded by your friends and teammates. Ladies, that did not race beyond the conference meet, it’s time to lace the shoes back up!! 3 weeks of inactivity= a 50% loss in fitness levels!!

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Team Goal #1…..check

“Champions do not become champions when they win the event, but in the hours, weeks, months and years they spend preparing for it.  The victorious performance itself is merely the demonstration of their championship character” - T. Alan Armstrong

Our program accomplished Team Goal #1 last Wednesday at Riverside Park by capturing a share of our schools first cross country conference title since 1995.  Our athletes have focused on breaking this streak from day 1 and it simply could not have transpired without the daily focus, determination and team unity that have displayed continuously all season.

Our Lady Wildcats split the four dual meets with Grand Rapids Christian thus giving both programs a piece of the prize!  The Eagles are a premier team in the area having won multiple state titles in the past decade, as well as being currently ranked # 1 in the state in Division 2.  It’s an honor to be co-champs with them, in an incredibly challenging OK White conference with 4 of the top 10 teams in West Michigan.

We now turn our focus to this Saturday, October 26 for the Regional Championships which are being hosted at Portage West Middle School.  Our athletes are not only familiar with the course but have enjoyed some recent success there.  They will be ready to flourish!

Details for the week:

SATURDAY- Regional Championships @ Portage West Middle School

*Our bus will depart from JHS @ 11:30am, please arrive 10 minutes early
*D1 GIRLS race @ 2:10pm
*D1 boys race @ 2:45pm
*D1 awards @ 3:15pm
*PROM ( Post Regional Open Race) @ 3:25- one race for all boys & girls
*MHSAA clothing will be on sale-
Long sleeve t-shirts..$20
*Meet Address:
7145 Moorsbridge Road
Portage, MI 49024
FYI….it will not be nearly as busy as the Portage Invite 3 weeks ago!

FRIDAY- practice from 6-7:00am OR 3:15-4:15pm
THURSDAY- practice from 3:15-5:00pm
WEDNESDAY- practice offsite from 3:15-5:45pm…driver alert
TUESDAY- practice from 3:15-5:00pm
MONDAY- practice from 3:15-5:30pm

It has already been mentioned but your athlete should dress in layers this week for practice due to the colder temps. We will continue to practice outside as always, like warriors! It is encouraged that your athlete wear whatever they think they MAY race in on Saturday ( headband, gloves, etc…)to ensure comfort while they compete- no surprises or distractions on Saturday.

Anything that they wear underneath their uniform must be BLACK and solid in color. This is not my rule, it’s an MHSAA rule and will be enforced. If your daughter does not have cold gear, please go to Striders in Grandville or Gazelle Sports to purchase your gear or have them ask a teammate to borrow. Lastly, make sure that it fits comfortably while in action!!!

Please continue to pray over our athletes as they prepare to accomplish Team Goal #2 of the season. Blessings always- coach

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Championship Season Begins!

“This is my command- Be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go”.  Joshua 1:9

We call this Time “Championship Season” for the obvious reasons- Conference champions will be crowned, as will Regional and State Champions.  The OK White Conference Champion will be crowned on Wednesday.  Here is what will happen prior to that moment:

MONDAY- practice from 3:15-5:30 on campus

TUESDAY- practice at Riverside Park

*we will leave JHS and travel to the host site for practice. The bus will depart at 3:15 sharp, stay there and return to school after a short pre-meet workout. An exact time frame is not known, however….

*we will have our final team dinner immediately following the return to school! Specifics will be given to the girls at practice tomorrow

WEDNESDAY- OK White Championships @ Riverside Park
* All ladies will race at 4:45pm
* Boys race at 5:30pm *
the address is: 2001 Monroe Ave. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505 Parking is limited, so please plan ahead!!!
* Immediately following the completion of the boys race, there will be an award ceremony. All Jenison Athletes will stay for the completion of the ceremony, as we honor and acknowledge all athletes who are awarded-
1. Top 10 in race
2. All-Conference (top 9 throughout the entire season) and Honorable Mention All Conference (10-14th place throughout the entire season)
3. OK White Team Champions

If you cannot stay for the awards ceremony, please arrange for your athlete to ride home with another family. Thank you in advance for understanding.

To be proactive, all athletes will be asked to have their full team warmup and white team shirt with them on race day, as well as their uniforms.

THURSDAY- all will meet for team meeting at 3:15. All athletes- Varsity 10 and all others interested in running in the JV race at Regionals, will have practice following

FRIDAY- practice from 3:15-5:00

SATURDAY- We will have a morning practice…TBD

Please continue to pray over our athletes. Do not ask for them to “run fast”. Please pray for continued good health, for the strength and courage to continue to make the right decisions and the willingness to get out of their comfort zone to help their sisters. Thank you and we look forward to your support on Wednesday!

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Homecoming & Home Stretch

We have officially entered the most hectic, crazy and fun portion of our schedule as homecoming week is upon us. Thankfully, we do not have any races this week so we can have a productive training week, as well as the opportunity to enjoy the time of Wildcat Pride, culminating in the parade, football game and Homecoming dance this weekend.

Our schedule this week is relatively simple:
MONDAY- practice from 3:15-5:30

TUESDAY- practice from 3:15-5:30

WEDNESDAY- practice from 3:15-5:30
* please make sure to bring your spikes and watch

THURSDAY- practice from 3:15-4:30

FRIDAY- the unbelievably rare “Day Off”
*we will participate in the afternoon pep assembly
*we will walk in the Homecoming Parade, unless weather is poor:
*ALL athletes will look the same! This will be decided on and conveyed to each athlete. We will remain unified in all that we do.
*although I have yet to receive any info about the parade, historically they want us at the church on the corner of Baldwin & 20th by 4:00. Most athletes choose to walk from school to the church. The parade begins at 4:30 and usually lasts 30 minutes. Once the parade is completed, the girls are free to leave and do as they please. Lastly, we ask and encourage each athlete to bring 1 or 2 bags of candy to “gently toss” during the parade.

SATURDAY- We have a morning practice today. We will meet at the high school at 8:15am and proceed to Grand Valley (drivers will be needed). This practice is MANDATORY and in place of an invitational. This practice is your athletes last tune up prior to the OK White Conference Championships next Wednesday.

Looking ahead to next week already, here is a look at the first half of the week:

MONDAY- Practice from 3:15-5:30

TUESDAY- Practice
* We are taking a bus to Riverside Park, the site of the Championship race the following day. This will allow all of our athletes to become familiar with the course we will be racing on, so there are zero issues or complications
* We will have our final team dinner upon arrival back to Jenison. Information on when and where to pick up your athlete will be provided, once solidified.

WEDNESDAY- OK White Conference Championships @ Riverside Park

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Another encouraging race & an exciting week awaits!

For I assure you: If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, “Move from here to there” and it will move, nothing will be impossible for you- Matthew 17:22

Our program took another small step forward yesterday at the Otsego Bulldog Invitational, culminating in our second team title of the fall.  For the third consecutive meet, there was a collective effort displayed by each athlete wearing the block “J” that was both encouraging and inspiring.  

On a morning filled with gutsy performances and numerous seasons best and lifetime efforts, Jenison had 6 athletes earn medalist honors: Kelsey Vanderhoef, Chelse Vanspronsen, Bailey Johnson and Ellie Leonard all placed within the top 15 of the competitive varsity race, and freshman Lexi Kapla (3rd overall) and Inez Samuels (Reserve Race Champion!) medaled in the Reserve Race.  Congrats to each Wildcat that crossed the finish line yesterday!

Our week is both incredibly hectic and exciting!  It is also another wonderful opportunity for us to grow as a program.  Here it is…

MONDAY- practice from 3:15-5:30pm

TUESDAY- practice from 3:15-5:15pm

*TEAM DINNER at 5:30 at the home of Abby Tuttle

WEDNESDAY- OK White Jamboree #3 at The Gainey Complex
*All athletes will be dismissed from 6th hour at 2:35, and our bus leaves at 2:45! Yes, you must be speedy here!
*All girls will race at 4:45pm
*We will have our traditional, brief team meeting following the race, as well as a 15-20 minute team cool down.
*The location is:
1661 East Paris
Grand Rapids, MI 49546
There is ample location near the course but remember there will be 5 other schools present.

THURSDAY- practice from 3:15-5:15pm

FRIDAY- practice from 3:15-5:00pm

SATURDAY- Portage Invitational!
*TEAM BREAKFAST at our high school at 9:15am!
*Bus departure is 10am sharp
*VARSITY RACE @ 1:30pm
*JV RACE @ 3:30pm
*The location is :
Portage West Middle School
7145 Moorsbridge Road
Portage, MI 49024

This race is simply amazing, and we encourage you to attend if at all possible. It is both incredibly well run and amazingly hectic/congested at times, so plan on possible traffic backups and some walking.***specific parking information will be provided shortly*** please feel free to look through their website at http://www.portageinvite.com for additional insight! Please take a moment to look at the icon- overflow spectator parking!!

There will be thousands of athletes and spectators going and going all day. We encourage you to arrive well before your athletes race time….varsity at 1:30 & JV at 3:30. Awards ceremony for each race will take place approximately 30 minutes after the completion of that race (medals to top 50 finishers).

Ladies- What you have accomplished thus far as a program is impressive. How you have grown as a program since day one is inspiring. We still have plenty of work ahead and many team goals to accomplish. Stay HUMBLE, stay HUNGRY, stay HEALTHY and work TOGETHER.

Continued blessings to all-

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Redemption, Accolades & Moving on…

” Regardless of what difficulties may exist,
I have to help my team” – Ryan Shay

Last Wednesday at Caledonia High School, our program was given the opportunity to prove to ourselves that we had grown as a program over the previous two weeks.  We stressed one fundamental expectation over the 14 day hiatus and watched our athletes flourish in jamboree #2.  When race dust settled over the brand new, challenging course, our athletes placed themselves back in position to win Jenison’s first conference championship in cross-country since 1995.  Although there is a tremendous amount of work to do, having that tangible goal back in our sights should keep our girls hungry and focused as we move forward….little steps each day.

After two consecutive solid races- at MSU and jamboree #2, the Jenison Women’s Cross Country Program has been recognized throughout the state as a Top 10 ranked team in Division One.  Once again, something that likely has not occurred in some time. The accolade has acknowledged briefly at our team meeting on Friday and we have since moved forward.  Although it is awesome our athletes to be recognized for their efforts, the ranking is completely meaningless in the middle of September.  Our focus is to be within those same rankings at the completion of our season and there is a LONG way to go + much work to do.  We will stay humble and hungry through the process.

As we move forward, this is how our week plays out:

MONDAY- practice from 3:15-5:30
*we will be leaving campus and headed to Grand River Park off of Filmore for our long run on a beautiful fall afternoon. Drivers will be needed!

TUESDAY- practice from 3:15-5-15
*we will begin practice in our meeting room. Please bring both your running gear, as well as your suit & towel. Injured athletes will swim only. Everyone else will run first and finish in the pool.

WEDNESDAY- practice from 3:15-5:45
*practice is “longer” today because we will be leaving campus again, this time traveling to Johnson Park in Grandville. You will need both your trainers and your spikes on this day (if you have them). Post workout snacks are welcomed and appreciated today- fruit, granola/cereal bars, etc…

THURSDAY- practice from 3:15-5:00
FRIDAY- practice from 3:15-4:30

SATURDAY- Otsego Bulldog Invitational!
*Our bus leaves at 7:00am sharp, please arrive by 6:50 so we can depart on time
9:40am- boys varsity
10:10am- GIRLS JV
*As always, all athletes are expected to stay until the completion of their cool down run AND the awards ceremony is completed. We savor the joys of success, endure the setbacks of failure and display great sportsmanship to the other programs receiving honors…..as one program.

As parents, if you cannot stay for the completion of your athletes “duties”, please arrange for your athlete to ride home with another family. Thank you in advance for our understanding and flexibility.

We ask that you continue to pray over our girls as they take on another week of school, athletics and life in general. They are a remarkable collection of young ladies….we are blessed.

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9/16- Growth & Redemption

Last Friday, our program journeyed to East Lansing to discover ourselves.  After a couple of races on challenging terrain and temperatures better suited for vacationing then racing, we landed at MSU with one goal….to become a little better as a program.  With ideal weather, a beautiful course and fantastic competition, we made great strides…

Our JV athletes immediately set the tone for the day by racing beautifully and following a basic race plan- start out confidently, settle into your race and attack!  All 20 athletes set their SB ( seasons best) and 12 lifetime personal records (PR’s) were established.  For those that we’re unable to attend, the pure joy, confidence and excitement displayed by our athletes was priceless!

Not to be outdone, our varsity seven took the same approach to their race, a race that we made a last minute change into.  The sole propose for racing in the ELITE division was to see how we matched up against the top programs in the state.  We really didn’t know what to expect, but quietly, my goal was to finish in the top half…..a realistic and respectable showing for an underdog.  We raced smart, we raced aggressively and we showed that we have the potential to run with the best.  Our varsity 7 finished 10th out of 29 teams….very encouraging but a lot of work to do!  Once again, all seven runners established a new seasons best and 5 of the 7 set new lifetime PR’s- an awesome accomplishment while still in the middle of September!

We are calling this week- Redemption Week. When we had our first conference jamboree two weeks ago, we let a great opportunity slip away and we believe, as a program, we are now in a much better place. Fortunately, each team in the OK White has improved too, so we must collectively come together to be ready to compete to the best of our abilities.

MONDAY- Practice from 3:15-5:30

TUESDAY- Practice from 3:15-5:00
***Team Dinner #2 immediately following practice at the home of Katie Bosch. Her address:
8574 Beretta Court
Jenison, Mi 49428
*Dinner will run from 5:30- 6:00ish
*still in need of a dessert or two and either veggies/fruit

WEDNESDAY- OK White Conference Jamboree #2 @ Caledonia HS
*All girls will race at 4:45pm
*All girls will have a brief meeting and cool down run prior to being dismissed from the meet- no exceptions.
*Directions..take M-6 to exit 15 and turn right onto M-37/Broadmoor…turn right onto Kraft….we were told to park in the NE part of HS athletic Parking lot

THURSDAY- Practice from 3:15-5:00
* New athletes,JV members and injured runners- the goal is to
swim so bring suit & towel!

FRIDAY- Practice from 3:15-5:00

SATURDAY- We will have practice from 9:30-11:30am. drivers will be needed! The tentative plan is to travel to GVSU or Pigeon Creek to get off the roads. This workout is mandatory and critical to the development of the remainder of your season.

In closing, we also ask that you continue to pray over our athletes for their continued health and well-being.  As the homework and stressors of life start to pile up, please pray that they continue to keep life in perspective, that they continue to stay positive, hard working and humble.  Thank you!

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